New Visual Explanations

Information Design Method
It is an investigation of the information graphic topic. This thesis transforms everyday objects into easy-to-understand metaphors for scientific phenomena. It is a collection of information designs that shows objects and materials in various new ways. Picture kits were compiled and used as a data library.

New Visual Explanation is based on the early work Visuelle Erklärungen. New Visual Explanations includes a much bigger image inventory. The System has been expanded and renewed technically. The objects are detected in space. This opens new opportunities arise in the visualization of information designs.


New Visual Explanations by Cybu Richli / Visuelle Erklärungen by Silo (Richli/Moser).
«The work combines highly intelligent research and complexity. … The precise study of motion sequences is presented in an intelligent way by visual forms we've never seen before .» Jury Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award

Information Design
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